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Drama Workshops

The drama classes for kids aged 7 to 18 offer a dynamic and engaging program designed to cultivate creativity, confidence, and expressive skills through the art of acting. Students will explore various aspects of dramatic performance, including improvisation, character development, script analysis, and stage presence. The curriculum is thoughtfully structured to accommodate a range of skill levels, allowing both beginners and experienced young actors to benefit from the classes. Through a series of fun and interactive exercises, students will develop their acting abilities, hone their storytelling techniques, and learn to effectively communicate emotions and ideas on stage.

In addition to individual skill development, the drama classes emphasize the importance of collaboration, teamwork, and mutual respect among peers. Students will have the opportunity to work together on scenes, skits, and potentially larger productions, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared achievement. Ultimately, the drama classes aim to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where young individuals can explore their creativity, build self-confidence, and develop a deep appreciation for the art of acting. Whether they are aspiring performers or simply looking to build valuable life skills, participants will benefit from a well-rounded theatrical experience that encourages personal growth and artistic expression.


Monday afternoons in the Gloucester Room at the Isaac Theatre Royal

4pm to 5pm

Junior class combined drama and musical theatre, ages 7 to 12

5:15pm to 6:15pm

Senior Drama Class, ages 13 to 18 

Our Junior class has a focus on improvisation, following impulses, confidence building, bravery, singing, choreography and unlocking physicality.

Our Senior class slot focuses on pre-professional development, working to create a full-length original show over the year.

Drama in Rolleston 

Lemonwood Grove

Tuesdays 3:15pm - 4:15pm

Drama Classes in the Lemonwood Grove School Hall

Ages 7 to 12

Drama at the Isaac Theatre Royal

Drama Classes in Prebbleton

Prebbleton School


Wednesdays 3.10pm - 4.10pm

Drama Classes in the Prebbleton School Hall

Ages 7 to 12

Drama Classes in West Melton

West Melton School

Thursdays 3.15pm to 4.15pm in the West Melton School Hall

Ages 7 to 12

Introducing.... Harmony Beaven

Harmony has always had a passion for drama and has been performing for many years including being a part of the Court Theatre Youth Company. She is currently a Jester with the Court Theatre Jester Youth Company and is thrilled to be teaching all the junior classes at Singing Stars this year!


Introducing.... Jess Galletly

Jess has been performing since she was three years old. Growing up she learnt Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre dance. When Jess started intermediate she started drama and carried this throughout intermediate and high school. She has danced competitively in New Zealand throughout her whole life and competed on a Royal Caribbean cruise and in Australia. She has taught dance and musical theatre for several years and studied at the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Arts and graduated with a Certificate of Performing Arts in 2021. Jess is currently studying a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning at the University of Canterbury. Jess describes herself as warm, bubbly, and positive and prides herself in student success and confidence.

Introducing.... Belle Williams

Belle Williams has been teaching drama with Singing Stars since 2018. She has completed qualifications in theatre studies and script writing at the University of Canterbury. She has since been working at Singing Stars to help develop children in confidence, dramatic techniques, and making sure they have loads of fun doing it. As Singing Stars resident playwright, she loves working with children to create stories and write plays that they love performing and increase their skills and ability. 

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