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The Rock Academy school holiday workshops and term time sessions offer an exciting program designed for aspiring musicians aged 7 to 18, with a focus on drummers, singers, pianists, and guitarists covering acoustic, electric, and bass guitar.


 The workshop runs during school holidays, and during the school term providing an intensive and comprehensive learning experience for participants. 


Rock Academy

School Holiday Worshops - $55 per day

Our school holiday workshop runs from 9am to 3pm, providing ample time for development and practice. Participants will be able to improve their musical skills, learn from experienced instructors, collaborate with fellow musicians, and gain valuable performance experience. 


 This workshop aims to foster creativity, confidence, and musical proficiency in a supportive and inspiring environment. Whether beginners or more experienced musicians, participants will have the opportunity to develop their talents and passion for music in a fun and educational setting.

Term Time Rock Academy - $90 per term

The goal of the Term Time Rock Academy is to prepare participants to attend Band Quest, battle of the bands competitions, and engage in public performances. 


Throughout the term, students will receive comprehensive training in their respective musical disciplines, including drumming, singing, piano, and guitar (acoustic, electric, and bass). The academy aims to equip students with the necessary skills, confidence, and stage presence to excel in competitive events. 


In addition to honing their individual musical abilities, students will learn the dynamics of playing in a band setting, including ensemble performance, stage presence, and teamwork. The academy's curriculum is designed to instill a strong sense of musicianship and collaboration, vital for success in band competitions and public appearances. Through expert instruction, practice sessions, and mentorship, participants will develop a well-rounded understanding of music performance and gain the necessary experience to showcase their talents. 


Furthermore, the academy will provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their newfound skills through regular public performances, allowing them to grow as performers and gain valuable feedback from live audiences, while also fostering a lifelong passion for music and performance.

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