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Drum Lessons in Rolleston

Drum lessons are available at Singing Stars during term time. Classes are suitable for children from 5 years old and run Tuesdays and Thursdays after school at our Rolleston School music rooms.

Lessons are also available at Rolleston School and West Rolleston during the school day on Tuesdays and on Fridays at Te Rohutu Whio.

Lessons include both practical drum elements, and music theory, including reading music notation.


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Introducing ... Jim

Jim brings a wealth of experience and has an ability to connect with students on all levels. He works with children with special needs, offers music therapy and is an all round great musician who is passionate about creating the best experience for your child. Jim has been teaching since 1989. He teaches drums, percussion, bass guitar, and entry level acoustic and electric guitar. He also does student band mentoring and music therapy. Jim says: "Music has been my whole life from a young age and the fact that I can share it with so many who are interested in making the soundtrack of their life becoming a creative process as well is remarkable. Whether it's their first day at school or are retired I find what their interests in music are and help to make their musical journey a reality."

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