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Photographs, Video and Media Policy


Student photographs add colour, life and interest to articles promoting the schools activities, initiatives and successes. Making use of photographs and video in the singing school publicity materials can increase student motivation and help confidence and assist parents and the local community to identify and celebrate the school’s achievements.

During public performances, rehearsals and lessons photographs/videos may be taken of students, for the purposes of media use,  social media, newspapers and television (and in particular the request for children’s names when publishing photographs), displays in the school of children’s activities.

In order to overcome potential privacy issues we will:-


  • Only use images of students in suitable dress. This will be used to reduce the risk of inappropriate use.

As a condition of booking parental consent is deemed to have been accepted to the use of photographs/videos as outlined above unless we hear otherwise in writing.

Cancellation Policy


Where individual lessons are cancelled by the school due to emergency or unforeseen circumstances, parents will be notified as soon as possible.  If possible, and appropriate make-up lessons will be offered on specific days during the term. 

Students are required to give 24 hours notice of non-attendance and no refunds will be offered for non-attendance or part cancellation by students. 

Booking Policy


Bookings are made in advance of the term starting and are made on a term by term basis.  Where places are fully booked, students can be placed on the waiting list on a first come first served basis.  Existing students will be given priority and will be offered to re-book places at the end of each term.

Payment Policy


Payments are due in full for the term via bank transfer.  Invoices for the term will be issued in advance and payment details will be included on the invoices.   Please note that bank payments may take several days to clear.

Attendance and Lateness Policy


No refunds or catch up lessons are offered for non-attendance to individual or group lessons.  Where students are late, the time cannot be made up at the end of the lesson due to other bookings. Please ensure you can collect you child on time as we have other students attending lessons and we are unable to look after your child.

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