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Guitar and Ukulele Lessons

Guitar lessons are available on Monday to Friday after school with our guitar and ukulele teachers Grace, Hamish and Ethan. Lessons are suitable for children from 6 years old.

Your child can also have in school lessons with Grace, Ethan and Hamish at Rolleston School, Templeton School, Weedons School, Kirwee Model School, Burnham School, West Melton School, Lemonwood Grove School, West Rolleston School and Rolleston Christian School.

Children will not only learn to play chords and songs, but will also learn music theory and how to read guitar music.

Introducing our Guitar Teachers

Hamish is a Christchurch-based musician, teacher and performer. He has a Bachelor of Contemporary Performance (with honors) and specialises in contemporary performance based in rock and pop genres,  and jazz based harmony/theory. 


He will be offering both adult and children’s lessons. His tutorship could help you to nail that guitar solo, build your rhythm chops, develop improvisational skills and songwriting to help you on your journey to pursuing a musical career.


Ethan is a Christchurch-based musician, composer, teacher and performer. He has experience performing in bands on piano, guitar and also as a lead vocalist locally and around the South Island.


Having graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Music Arts, Ethan enjoys teaching piano/keyboards, guitar, ukulele and vocals to all, young and old, and helping people experience the beauty and blessings that music has given him during his life!


Ethan 2.jpg

Grace has been teaching music for the past 5 years. Specialising in guitar and ukulele, she helps learners achieve their personal musical goals. She has a wide knowledge of music theory, musicianship and all genres, and is keen to teach anyone who is interested.

She has been playing guitar for a large portion of my life and she has had the privilege of performing around Christchurch and Selwyn these past few years. She is continuing to extend her knowledge and experience as she enters her third year of study at Ara for her Bachelor of Music Arts degree.

Teaching out of her home studio in Rolleston, she has written a locally printed guitar manual that contains all the music we look at, with room for adding songs of your choice. Last year, one of her students rose to the opportunity to participate in the NZMEB classical grade exams and has done very well.


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