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Piano and Keyboard Lessons

The piano lessons offered cater to a wide range of ages, spanning from 5 years old to individuals of any age with a desire to learn the instrument. The program provides a comprehensive and structured approach to piano instruction, fostering a love for music and nurturing musical talent at every stage of life. 

Whether integrated within the school day  or offered as an after-school activity, the lessons are designed to accommodate the busy schedules of students and adults alike, with availability Monday through Friday. 

The curriculum is tailored to the specific needs and developmental stages of each age group, ensuring that younger students receive age-appropriate instruction that is engaging, interactive, and conducive to their learning style. Similarly, adult learners benefit from a curriculum that respects their individual pace and goals, providing a supportive environment for honing their skills at their own speed. With a strong emphasis on music theory, technique, repertoire, and performance skills, the piano lessons offer a well-rounded education in musical proficiency. 

Students will have the opportunity to explore various musical genres, develop their sight-reading abilities, and cultivate a deep understanding of musical expression and interpretation. Furthermore, the program aims to instill a sense of discipline, dedication, and a lifelong appreciation for music in all participants, regardless of age.

Whether the goal is to pursue a career in music or simply to enjoy the personal enrichment that comes from playing the piano, students can expect to develop a profound connection to this timeless instrument that will endure "forever." 

Ultimately, the piano lessons cater to a diverse community of learners, providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for individuals of all ages to embark on a fulfilling musical journey with the piano, both within the school setting and as part of after-school enrichment.

We offer Piano lessons at Broadfield School, Burnham School, Kirwee Model School, Lemonwood Grove School, Rolleston School, Rolleston Christian School, Te Rohutu Whio, Templeton School, West Rolleston School.

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